Large Filing Cabinets

A beautiful office requires stylish organisation and our large filing cabinets are certainly a cut above. Hand crafted from solid wood, these sturdy and reliable drawers are both practical and really rather nice to look at.

Gone are the days of clunky metal filing cabinets. Enjoy the calm and smooth movements of our deep wooden drawers, generously sized to hold regular suspension files with confidence. Organise all of your paperwork in a two drawer cabinet or if you wish to opt for large filing cabinets, our three drawer design will make the best use of your space.

Admire the natural characteristics of the grain whilst you work, enhanced by hours of hand polishing with beeswax in our own workshops. Marvel at the traditional, hand cast metalwork that complements the trusted style of these hard working cabinets; good, honest office furniture that will see you through to retirement and probably your children too.

Designing our hand built furniture for a lifetime of service, our large filing cabinets come with a 15 year guarantee, demonstrating the confidence that we have in the quality of our build.

If you are considering your office furniture in general, take a look at our solid wood desks, available in a number of sizes and styles – your office really can be a thing of beauty, coupled with being extremely practical and built to last.

You can view all of our office furniture in addition to a wide selection of our collection in our Matlock and Harrogate showrooms. Furthermore, you can always find a helpful sales advisor at the end of the phone should you have any queries that you would like us to answer. 

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