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When it comes to handy storage solutions, they don’t get much better than our selection of oak storage ideas. From cupboards to dressers, we’ve thought of everything at Indigo to help you ensure your home is both well designed and orderly.

Take a look at our Oak Pot Cupboard, for instance. Like all our furniture here at Indigo, it’s been lovingly handcrafted by our team of time-honoured craftsmen in our busy workshops - and it’s simply stunning to look at.

A delightful hand-built piece manufactured in solid oak, this cupboard offers a novel design defined by a sturdy frame and pair of deep shelves which are hidden by an innovative door and designed to partner the chest of drawers aesthetic. With bespoke metalwork and a beeswax finish, it’s all in the detail with this European oak piece. Featuring dovetail drawers, it has been built with restored wartime machinery to give it that distinctive Indigo look.

Our Narrow Oak Bedside is another great choice if you’re looking for sturdy oak storage for a bedroom or modest-sized home office. Slim and elegant, this piece has been handcrafted in solid oak and houses a set of three dovetail drawers and bespoke metalwork.

Meanwhile, our Oak Slimboy offers a choice of full-width drawers and half-width drawers built in solid oak. With distinct saw marks defining the Indigo oak storage collection, this piece – featuring bespoke, hand-forged handles – offers mortise and tenon joints for a classically good looking and sturdy appearance.
If you’ve seen something you like and wish to chat to us about your specific requirements for oak storage solutions, do not hesitate to contact us on 01629 581800 or visit one of our two showrooms. 

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