Chest of Drawers

Bring calm, organisation and order to your living, sleeping and dining spaces with handcrafted Chest Of Drawers from Indigo Furniture. Built to the unique Indigo aesthetic using traditional techniques, designed to pair with the Indigo collection of handmade furniture.

Choose from solid wood Chest Of Drawers with a combination of shelves, drawers and cupboards crafted in solid Oak and slow grown Quebec Yellow timber to create your ideal storage solution. Finished with hand-forged metalwork cast to Indigo’s exacting specifications, and beeswax which brings Indigo’s trademark saw marks to the fore. Sealed with the Indigo 15 Year Guarantee – testament to the Indigo build and a true commitment to quality.

Store seasonal clothing, bedding and linens in this unique Chest Of Drawers range which includes the Grand Linen Chest – deep enough to store towels and winter throws – choose the blanket drawer option for a even deeper base drawer, an ingenious solution which maintains the aesthetic of single drawers but is in fact a double height drawer space. The Plank Poacher’s Cupboard – defined by clean vertical lines and exposed bespoke metalwork a versatile yet homely Chest Of Drawers which will sit proudly in any room. The Butler’s Cupboard – A highly customisable piece built in Indigo’s signature Plank Beam style – blend drawers and shelves to create a unique and hardworking storage solution.

Should you require any further information about the Indigo Chest Of Drawers range please do call 01629 581800 to speak a friendly Sales Advisor, who can also help with access and installation queries. 

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