Compliment your dining space with handcrafted wooden dressers, built to the unique Indigo aesthetic. Store crockery and cookery books on the shelves whilst the spacious base unit is the ideal spot to store utensils, baking trays and table linen.

A delightful addition to your dining or kitchen space Indigo dressers are crafted in two pieces and braced with metalwork – ideal for ease of installation if space is of a premium and allows manoeuvrability around tight hallways and awkward doorways. The Plank collection of dressers are crafted in solid Quebec Yellow wood; a slow grown timber defined by a closer knit grain which results in a dense timber; sporting deep shelves and traditional cupboard bases. The Beam Dresser houses a drawer-effect front, which opens to reveal a set of spacious shelves.

Feature Oak dressers as part a free standing kitchen to display treasured pieces such as Teapots and dinner sets choose the Alderman Oak Double Dresser; an imposing dresser defined by elegant panels to the doors and sides; built with a spacious base unit of three drawers and a pair of useful cupboards. Customise the piece with your choice of hand cast iron door handles.

Bring industrial elegance to your home with the addition of an Oak and Zinc dresser, the Zinc top ensures a exceptionally durable surface ideal for a busy family home which will develop a unique patina.

If you would like any more information about the Indigo range of wooden dressers or have any questions about installation and delivery call 01629 581800. 

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