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Unique solid wood TV Cabinets built to the Indigo aesthetic, in solid slow grown Quebec Yellow timber and European Oak. Innovative designs which blend shelves, doors and drawers to create an ideal storage unit for DVD players, Game Consoles and Set Top Boxes whilst ensuring your television is at a comfortable height for viewing.

Pre-drilled holes ensure cables are stored away in a tidy manner – choose doors or drawers to ensure a calm and organised media space to tidy away essential DVDs and electronics. Choose from the single or double wooden TV Cabinets in either Plank, Plank Beam or Oak and customise with a choice of hand cast iron handles. Part of the living room collection, these wooden TV Cabinets accompany the range of Indigo coffee tables and bookcases to create the perfect, cohesive living space.

Innovative TV Cabinets include The Grand Oak TV Cabinet – sporting a hinged, drop down front which enables media players to be operated with a remote control, when not in use simply close the front to keep things neat and tidy.

For larger television sets the double range of TV Cabinets are an ideal choice; hand built from solid timbers and adorned with signature sawmarks. The Grand Plank TV Cabinet is crafted with two shelves and topped with a traditional plinth.

If you would like any assistance in choosing a TV cabinet suitable for your living space please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team on 01629 581800.

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