Underbed Drawers

Make the most of your bedroom and utilise the entire space you have available with handcrafted under bed drawers from Indigo Furniture. Built to match the Indigo collection of bedroom furniture and crafted in solid Oak and slow grown Quebec Yellow wood; a timber defined by a closer-knit grain which results a delightful patina.

Under bed drawers are designed to fit under most of Indigo’s beds – if you would like to check of they will fit your bed please do call 01629 581800 and our sales advisors will be able to help you with any queries you may have. Please note The Poets Bed and the Plank Bed need shallower drawers to fit.

Choose from small or large under bed drawers depending on the size of the bed you wish to fit them under; for instance a single bed can fit one large under bed Sled Drawer or two small ones. Double, Kingsize and Superkingsize beds can fit up to two large, one large and two small or up to four small Under Bed Sled Drawers.

Under bed drawers are crafted in solid wood, with dovetails and a set of curved wooden runners to ensure they move smoothly over carpets. Choose from the slightly more petite Under Bed Shoe drawer to store boots, shoes and slippers or the Sled Drawers to stash seasonal bedding, blankets and guest linens.

Team The Plank Under Bed Drawers with the Indigo collection of Plank beds to create a delightful bedroom combination. Pair the Oak Shoe Drawer 

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