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For homeowners that have a little more space to play with, our extra large storage options will prove extremely useful. Allowing you to neatly store away possessions – from linen to books and newspapers – whilst bringing character and charm to your living space, furniture like this had been crafted with love and care by our skilled furniture makers.

Created in our busy workshop, extra large storage options have been designed with both style and functionality in mind. Built to last, our furniture can provide you with generations of service whilst offering warmth and character to the styling of your home.

Take for instance our Five Drawer Plank Panel Sideboard. It’s a unique solid pine sideboard crafted with traditional inset panel doors and five drawers. In short, it’s an excellent choice when it comes to storage. With a solid top and steadfast plinth, this sideboard is built from slow-growing Quebec pine and features bespoke hand-cast metal work and cannonball handles.

Elsewhere, the Oak Grand Chest is another tempting option to consider. A grand and imposing chest of drawers crafted from solid oak, it offers a blend of different-sized dovetail drawers housed within a solid frame. A steadfast, trusted storage solution, this is available with either eight or eleven drawers, each one completed by bespoke metal handles.

Finally, our Oak Grand Cupboard is a worthy contender within our extra large storage range. A unique design built from solid oak – the front has the appearance of a chest of drawers yet the piece opens to reveal an internal shelf – it offers a sturdy top, three dovetail drawers and bespoke metalwork.

If you’d like to know more about these or any of our other furniture designs, do not hesitate to call our friendly team on 01629 581800. 

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