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Whatever size your home, you’ll always crave more storage space if you like to organise your belongings and ensure that everything has its place. If room dimensions allow, choosing large storage furniture can be very effective; tidying things away behind style and distinctive pieces of well-built furniture.

Showcasing the renowned Indigo aesthetic, we can offer you many large storage solutions that are suitable throughout your home; presenting calm and order whilst also creating warmth and style in every corner.

Consider the Merchants Plank Chest for example. An imposing choice that can look stunning in the larger hallway or sit proudly at the back of a dining area. Hand crafted from slow grown Quebec pine and hand polished with beeswax to bring out the natural characteristics of the wood, this sizable chest can be dismantled into two pieces for ease of installation and manoeuvring. Sporting an assortment of deep, dovetailed drawers, each one is finished with bespoke, hand cast metalwork; demonstrating the importance of detail.

The Grand Plank Bookcase is a good choice for those seeking large storage. Sturdy and reliable, it offers four wide, adjustable shelves that are ideal for many items including books and CDs. Position it in a living area, hallway or home office and see how it helps to organise your belongings.

Large storage space is often required for clothes and we offer many wardrobes on the larger scale. For example, the Oak Panel Wardrobe sits proud with triple, inset panel doors and can be customised with a selection of shelves, dovetail drawers and dowel rails. Finished with bespoke metalwork, this wardrobe will work extremely hard for you.

More examples of large storage solutions are available across our range of handmade furniture. Please get in touch if you have any queries and we’d be happy to help you. 

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