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If yours is a home where space is of a premium, our medium storage options will be of great help to you. Not too big that they take up an entire room, yet large enough to comfortably accommodate a host of possessions, storage solutions like this are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, as with all Indigo Furniture pieces, the devil is very much in the detail. Our dedicated and talented team of time-served craftsmen work hard to bring you a unique range of furniture that’s not only built to last, it brings character and charm to your living space too.

Our Petite Plank Lowboy is a wonderful medium storage choice. Designed with the smaller space in mind, this diminutive lowboy has been crafted in slow-growing Quebec pine before being finished with beeswax. A compact piece that offers six solid and sturdy drawers to create a spacious storage area, this lowboy comes sealed with our 15 year Indigo guarantee for total peace of mind.

If a slim storage option is what you’re looking for, our Plank Beam Slimboy could be the answer. A lovely medium storage choice – a slimmer version of our classic Wideboy – this piece has been handcrafted in slow-grown Quebec pine and is defined by four full-width and two half-width drawers. Hand-built using traditional techniques by our time-honoured team, choose the blanket drawer option to have the base drawer built to a double height – perfect for storing linen. Again, this storage option also comes with a 15 year guarantee to bring you the ultimate in confidence.

If you’d like to hear a little more about the storage solutions we have available amongst our collection of fine, handmade furniture, please pick up the phone to our friendly team on 01629 581800 or pop in and see us in one of our showrooms where we’d be happy to demonstrate our designs to you. 

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