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Short on space? Our small storage solutions are the answer – and each and every piece is crafted with quality in mind. Created by our time-honoured craftsmen here at Indigo, our collection of modest-sized furniture certainly isn’t lacking in style. From bedside cabinets to ottomans and home office solutions, the storage options are almost endless.

Ideal for adding to your study or an as-yet-utilised corner of your dining room, the Petite Plank Bookcase remains a popular item in our range. Made from solid wood, this compact piece has been designed with the smaller space very much in mind. Crafted from slow growing Quebec pine – a wood which grows slow and true and results in an even, straight grain – this piece offers convenient adjustable shelves.

And if you like the Petite Plank Bookcase, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Petite Plank Bedside Table. Robust in design and hand-crafted with care, this piece has been manufactured from Canadian pine. Finished with natural beeswax to bring the grain of the wood to the fore, this small storage piece can be tailored to your exacting requirements.

For your home office, the Bookkeeper’s Filing Cabinet makes an excellent choice. Sporting a set of double drawers designed to hold regular suspension files to keep paperwork in order, this piece is finished with hand cast metalwork and beeswax. What’s more, it’s sealed with a 15-year guarantee.

Still undecided? Our ottomans may be just what you need. Ideal for positioning at the end of your bed, they are crafted in slow grown Quebec yellow wood, European Oak and signature aniline leathers in your choice of shade. As ever, do not hesitate to get in touch if you’d like some assistance for your small storage requirements; we’ll help you find just what you’re looking for. 

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