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For those who are short of adequate storage space, we have a host of handmade wide storage cabinets which might just fit the bill. From lowboys to plank chests, our distinctive furniture offers the very best in style and practicality.

Crafted by hand by our talented team of furniture makers, we use traditional techniques to create beautiful pieces that will breathe character and warmth into every room of your home.

Our Plank Lowboy is a quintessential lowboy in our distinct Plank style; perfect for large hallways or living areas. Featuring nine handmade drawers crafted with dovetails and sitting atop a sturdy plinth, this piece is built in solid, slow-grown Quebec pine using time-honoured techniques. With bespoke hand-cast metal work, it is sealed with a 15 year guarantee to give you the confidence you’re looking for when making a purchase of this size.

Offering a solid pine chest of drawers, the Merchant’s Plank Chest is another wide storage option which has been designed with both function and styling completely in mind. An innovative piece, it can be dismantled into two halves to allow for installation when access is compromised, meaning that even smaller spaces can enjoy a robust wide storage piece like this.

Finished in beeswax, this chest has been crafted in solid, slow-grown Quebec pine and can be customised with your choice of hand-cast metalwork. Steadfast and reliable, it is crafted in Indigo’s own workshops and will bring character to any room.

Meanwhile, our Oak Grand Chest is an imposing chest of drawers built in solid oak and offering a blend of different-sized dovetail drawers – a lovely choice if you’re short of storage space, perhaps in the hallway, library or office.

If you’d like to know more about any of these wide storage options, do not hesitate to call our friendly team on 01629 581800. 

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