Bring function and form to your bedroom, living, dining room and hallway whilst ensuring your space is calm, organised and uncluttered with hand built storage from Indigo. Create a delightful home library with a stout bookcase, complete with adjustable the shelves to house records, journals and cookery books. Tidy away Wellington Boots, coats and shoes to create a relaxed, welcoming hallway with Indigo’s innovative Cube units; fully customisable to ensure a bespoke storage solution. Choose to leave the cubbyhole empty or add a door or drawer to hide away general clutter

Make extra room for serving dishes, crockery and table linen with dining storage crafted in solid timber. Choose cabinets with a combination of shelves, drawers and cupboards finished with hand-forged metalwork cast to Indigo’s exacting specifications.

Ensure your sleeping space is a relaxed sanctuary with unique storage including bedsides, handcrafted Chest Of Drawers and solid wood wardrobes designed to match the unique Indigo aesthetic. Designed to compliment Indigo’s range of solid wood beds and tables available in slow growing Canadian Yellow timber or European oak. Sealed with a 15 year guarantee, testament to the staunch and steadfast Indigo build.

If you need any assistance with choosing storage and how to make the most of your living, dining and sleeping spaces please don’t hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable sales advisors on 01629 581800. If you’d like to see any storage items in one of our showrooms please do call ahead as we are unable to display the entire collection due to space restrictions.

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