Small Console Tables

Small console tables are absolutely ideal for the modest-sized home, helping you to organise your appliances whilst maximising your living room space. A hardworking and versatile piece of furniture, tables like this can bring calm and order to your home.

Offering space where you need it most – in order to organise your TV systems and their cables – small console tables are also ideal for placing in a hallway to store paperwork and other essentials. You can even utilise a table like this in your dining space; they make a great place to keep cutlery, dining linens, table cloths and napkins, and they’re also great for placing in a kitchen for additional storage.

Allowing clearance for storage options – like wicker or metal baskets – small console tables with open bases are just perfect for modest apartments. Handcrafted from solid, hand-selected plank timber and oak of European provenance, our pieces will complement any room in your home.

If space is really limited, opt for the Plank Petite Console, which comes with a set of bijou drawers and a convenient base shelf. Ideal for slotting into a spare space in your hallway, this is a good choice for anyone looking to spruce up an as-yet-unused area of your home.

Alternatively, go for the Petite Plank Beam Console, which features a set of dovetail drawers, as well as a useful shelf. Add this to your hallway or use it as a sideboard in your living room or dining space.
As always, you can be sure of the same, great Indigo quality and durability. Plus, don’t neglect to check out the remainder of our furniture range, which has been designed to complement some of the pieces we’ve just touched upon. 

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