Oak Dining Tables

Create a welcoming dining room which will become the heart of your home with handcrafted oak dining tables from Indigo Furniture. Pair with benches for a relaxed family dining area with ample room for family and friends, or team with elegant leather dining chairs for a unique entertaining and dining space.

Oak dining tables defined by clean lines, robust tops and signature saw marks. Distinct designs brought to life in European Oak, crafted with heritage techniques such as mortise and tenon joints, which ensure a steadfast table, which will withstand the test of time. Sealed with the renowned Indigo 15 year guarantee; testament to the skill and knowledge imparted into each piece.

With a nod to French farmhouse life Farmhouse Oak Dining Tables sport a solid stretcher and refined leg, style with matching benches to create a rustic ambience ideal for an open plan kitchen or conservatory dining space.

The classic lines of Zinc Oak Dining Tables will bring a uniquely industrial edge to your home; with anti bacterial properties, naturally resistant to corrosion and will develop a wonderful patina as the piece ages.

Delivered by our own team of trained drivers who will install the table in your room of choice and remove all of the packaging for recycling. If you would like to see Oak Dining Tables on display at either our Harrogate or Matlock showroom please do call ahead on 01629 581800 to check the piece you are interested in is on display.

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