Plank Dining Tables

Indigo’s signature Plank collection is celebrated with this range of Plank wooden Dining Tables. Hand built from slow growing Quebec Yellow wood; sourced from the vast lands of Canada where the cooler climate ensures the wood grows slow and true. Plank Dining Tables are hand finished with a unique mix of Beeswax which brings the grain and knots of the wood to the fore.

Make your dining space the heart of your home; with ample space for lazy brunches, relaxed Sunday lunches and cosy suppers. Team solid wood Plank Dining Tables with handcrafted benches for an informal family setting with plenty of room for spontaneous guest or create a more formal, imposing setting with elegant roll back dining chairs in signature leathers, Conker Saddle and Aged Saddle.

Indigo’s extensive collection of Plank Dining Tables can be handmade in a variety of sizes from 4’ right up to 10’. Add either a 16” or 18” matching table extension to create extra room for serving dishes, desserts and cake stands and impromptu guests without compromising your everyday dining space. Store your extension separately until the occasion arises and then simply slide into space when required.

Delivered by our own two man team of trained drivers who will install the table in your room of choice and remove all of the packaging for recycling. If you would like to see Indigo Plank Dining Tables on display at either our Harrogate or Matlock showroom please do call ahead on 01629 581800 to check the piece you are interested in is on display.

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