Extra Large Dining Tables

If you’re a family that loves to invite plenty of friends round to enjoy a delicious meal together, you’ll need to consider extra large dining tables. The Indigo collection of handmade furniture includes a number of steadfast choices in decent sizes, with the larger family or group in mind.


Each table can be paired with our solid wood dining chairs or perhaps our leather dining chairs for a more sophisticated look. Benches can also offer flexibility on seating and a more relaxed feel. Visiting our showroom will allow you to see the designs and sizes in more detail, with friendly sales advisors on hand to help you with your choice.

A number of our extra large dining tables can be crafted to be ten feet long. One popular example is The Merchants Plank Table. Offering the potential to become the heart of your home, this sturdy and dependable table has a planked top and generously sized legs.

Consider also The Millers Plank Table if you’d like a more rustic feel to your dining table. It teams well with solid wood benches and can be a pleasing addition to any large kitchen or dining area. For heritage and character, choose The Reclaimed Table – crafted from timber that has been lovingly salvaged from British historic sites such as the Rolls Royce factory and The Big Dipper rollercoaster.

Each piece is hand finished with beeswax and safely delivered to the chosen room in your home. Extra large dining tables can create family memories that stay with you for years to come. They provide the reason to sit around the table and share stories whilst enjoying good food together. We want to help you create those memories. 

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