Large Dining Tables

We often remember the dining room table from our childhood, surrounded by our loved ones with good food, conversation and laughter; staying up late when Mum would let us. Large dining tables allow you to create this environment for your own family and friends, creating happy memories that last a lifetime.

Dining tables tell a story and our range of Indigo tables are poised to do just this. Hand crafted in solid wood, our distinctive range can provide a heart for your home that will serve you well for generations to come.

The Butchers Table is a perfect example of our large dining tables. Made from slow growing Quebec pine, its simple lines and sturdy stance are reassuring. Available in a range of sizes up to ten feet, more loved ones can be seated and this classic table can pair with both fabric and leather chairs for a look that delivers understated perfection.

For a more contemporary look, consider The Oak Brunel dining table, skilfully combining a deep wooden top with a steel base and legs, coated in anthracite grey or ivory. Paired with matching benches and offering distinctive design that is all too frequent at Indigo, this large dining table sits comfortably at home in either a modern or old house.

All of our large dining tables are stylish, robust and hand made in our own workshops by skilled craftsmen who are passionate about what they do. You can visit our showrooms in Matlock or Harrogate where we would be delighted to help you make your choice.

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