Medium Dining Tables

Built to the distinctive Indigo aesthetic from European oak and slow-growing Quebec yellow wood, our medium dining tables will make a beautiful addition to your home.

With yellow wood sourced from the vast lands of Canada, our craftsmen get to work creating gorgeous furniture using traditional techniques. Steadfast dining table designs are characterised by their solid wood construction, defined by robust planks and adorned with signature saw marks, before being hand-finished with beeswax.

If you’re looking for a truly characterful piece that will add instant charm to your home, you’ll love The Reclaimed Table – one of our lovingly-crafted medium dining tables amongst the Indigo collection.

Hewn from salvaged timbers hand-sourced from historic British sites – such as the Big Dipper rollercoaster in Blackpool’s fairground – it’s extremely well-built. Why not pair it with roll back dining chairs in fabric or leather for a gorgeously refined dining area?

Alternatively, the Oak Brunel Table brings industrial elegance to your kitchen or dining table. One of our beautiful medium dining tables, the piece has a characterful plank top, branded with signature saw marks; a steel base and legs, and a cool, robust architectural finish.

Don’t forget to take a look at The Miller’s Plank Table too. It brings farmhouse chic-style dining to the heart of your home, thanks to its solid wood construction and beeswax finish. Again, this is a piece that can be teamed with benches for a casual dining space.

Chat to us today about our range of dining tables, or visit us in either of our two showrooms. 

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