Small Dining Tables

There is no need to compromise on an inviting table setting when space is limited. Handcrafted to our discerning high standards, we offer a wide selection of small dining tables that would enliven any kitchen or dining area. Distinctive and built for a lifetime of good food and laughter in your home, an Indigo solid timber dining table can create a relaxing and most useful area within your home, whilst delivering a stylish nod to classic and timeless design.

Crafted from slow growing Quebec pine, you might choose The Miller’s Round Plank table as a small dining table for your home; available in either four or five foot diameter. Promising soft, homely lines whatever the occasion, this robust table perfectly complements many of our leather or fabric covered high backed dining chairs.

Alternatively, you might prefer The Gamekeeper’s Oak Table, constructed from high quality European oak in our Matlock workshops. This small dining table presents clean, fresh lines and is particularly suited to a relaxed family home setting, giving you a warm welcome every time you return. Pair it with solid timber benches or choose from our selection of high backed dining chairs.

Handmade for your home using restored wartime machinery, our small dining tables are quite unique and ensure many happy years of warm gatherings around an inviting table adorned with great food.

Our own team of trained drivers will deliver your table and install it in the room of your choice. You can see our small dining tables on display at our two showrooms in Matlock and Harrogate. Please call before visiting if you wish to see a specific piece on display.

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