Metal Tables

Add a cool, contemporary edge to any room thanks to one of our distinctive metal tables here at Indigo Furniture. Each one has been lovingly designed and handcrafted with care by our team of talented craftsmen, which means you can be sure of a quality piece that’s built to last.

Our Zinc Farm Table is just one beautiful piece amongst an extensive range of metal tables. With the classic lines of Indigo’s farmhouse dining table, this piece has been brought to life in oak of European provenance. Adorned with our signature saw marks, it has a robust zinc top which lends the table a chic, industrial-esque look.

Softened by the warm oak tones, the zinc featured within this table offers unique anti-bacterial properties and is naturally resistant to corrosion. Developing a unique textured patina as the piece ages, this table will tell its own story in your home in years to come – a real investment piece.

The Zinc Hall Console Table, meanwhile, is a slender yet sturdy piece designed with the hallway in mind. With a set of spacious drawers and a useful slatted base shelf, this item has been built in solid oak and finished with a distinct zinc top. A low maintenance table, it has been sealed with our 15 year furniture guarantee to give you all the assurance you need that what you’re buying is a quality product.

If you’ve seen something you like here on the website and wish to chat to us about your requirements regarding metal tables or indeed any other item of our furniture, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01629 581800.  

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