Create a relaxed yet orderly home work space with handcrafted desks from Indigo. A collection of original desks which are highly customisable to suite your needs. 

Indigo desks can also be crafted with the appearance of drawers, yet actually house shelves, or choose an extra deep drawer to store files. Store pending paperwork, bills, inspirational cuttings and recipes in handcrafted drawers; finished with bespoke metalwork crafted to Indigo’s exacting specifications.


Team your desk with a tactile cube for an alternative to an office chair - choose from leather colours Aged Saddle or Conker Saddle or bring a splash of colour with cotton velvet or moleskin. Indigo’s collection of solid Oak and slow growing Canadian timber desks include the The Bookkeepers Desk – ideal when space is of a premium incorporating a single set of drawers which can be built either side of the piece which sit atop a sturdy plinth; The Oak Grand Draughtsman’s Desk, a staunch and steadfast piece in Indigo’s trademark solid Oak.

If you would like anymore information about the Indigo range of desks and the extensible configurations available please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01629 581800 to discuss your home office space with one of our sales advisors who will be than happy to guide you. 

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