Dining Tables

Handcrafted wooden dining tables built to the Indigo aesthetic from European Oak and slow growing Quebec Yellow Wood sourced from the vast lands of Canada; where to cool climate ensures the timber grows slow and true. Steadfast dining table designs in solid wood defined by robust planks, adorned with signature saw marks and hand finished with beeswax.

For a family focused home pair solid wood dining tables with a blend of chairs and benches which ensure plenty of room for children and impromptu guests. Create a sophisticated dining space by pairing dining tables with ultra elegant Tall Roll Back chairs at the head of the table, an imposing and grand addition to your home and a refined space in which to entertain friends.

Indigo’s renowned designs in dining tables include The Butchers Beam Table – a refined dining table sporting a slim line leg. The Merchant's Table – Plank. The rustic lines of the Indigo Merchants Table will bring farmhouse style dining to the heart of your home. The Breakfast Table – A slim-line yet sturdy breakfast table, exposed metalwork brings an industrial element to the piece.
The Merchant's Round Table. A sturdy leg supports a round, planked top finished with Indigo’s signature saw marks.

If you would like see our range of dining tables please do call 01629 581800 to check if the piece you would like is available to view at either our Matlock or Harrogate showrooms. Due to space restrictions we are unable to display our entire range of dining tables, which is extensive. 

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