Small Side Tables

It’s easy to overlook giving proper consideration to smaller pieces of furniture and yet they can be some of the most important pieces in your home. We create a range of small side tables that not only deliver beautiful Indigo design, they work harder for you every single day, offering clever storage or standing space just where you need it most.

Take our Oak Stack of Tables for example. Small in itself, a second cube tucks neatly inside the first, ready to be positioned in a moment. Hand made from solid oak and finished in beeswax, these inviting small side tables are constructed using traditional furniture making techniques that we hold in high regard.

The Plank Bookshelf Side Table is another delightful example of a hard-working and honest piece of small furniture. Designed to sit beside a bed or in the hallway, store your favourite books or magazines on the open shelves so that they are always to hand.

Versatile in its purpose, our Tall Oak Zinc Side Table slots into the smallest of spaces, ready to hold a table lamp, telephone or perhaps a special ornament. The sleek zinc top creates a contemporary twist whilst the compact drawer offers a useful storage space for keys and pens.

Small side tables are required in many a room and often have more than one purpose to achieve. The Indigo collection should help you to find the style that most suits your needs, designed to create a most pleasing finishing touch to your home.

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