10 Seater Tables

For big families or regular get-togethers with close friends, our 10 seater tables are just perfect. Crafted with care by our time-honoured team of craftsmen here in our bustling workshops, these generously sized tables offer tremendous quality, coupled with our distinctive Indigo styling.

The Butcher’s Table, for instance, is a lovely choice. Sporting simple, clean lines brought to life in solid, slow-growing Quebec pine, this table offers steadfast, sturdy legs supporting a solid top in Indigo’s Plank beam style. Ideal for teaming with luxurious fabric or leather dining chairs, 10 seater tables help you create a welcoming ambience in your home. Lovingly hand-finished in beeswax, this example is a beautiful choice which is available in a range of sizes under our Indigo tailor-made service.

The Merchant’s Plank Table is another firm choice amongst our 10 seater tables range. A robust and sturdy table, it will fast become the heart of your home. Constructed from solid planks of wood, the design is defined by a generous leg and planked top. Giving the table a dependable feel, such features – particularly when paired with elegant dining chairs – offer a sophisticated dining experience. Crafted in slow-growing Quebec pine, it has been built with restored wartime machinery and handcrafted in our busy workshops to meet your exacting requirements.

A third great option in our 10 seater tables range, The Rafter’s Table is a refined solid wood construction with a slim yet sturdy leg. Handcrafted in Indigo’s signature Plank beam style, this piece has been built in slow-growing Quebec pine. A discerning choice, the table – which is available in different sizes using our tailor-made service - has been branded with lumberyard saw marks and hand-finished with beeswax.

If you’d like to know more, do not hesitate to call our friendly team on 01629 581800. 

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