4 Seater Tables

For families of four or fewer, our 4 seater tables are more than adequate for any dining space or conservatory. Of course, they’re all beautifully handcrafted and finished. Displaying distinctive Indigo charm and character, our pieces offer style and quality craftsmanship – every time.

The Gamekeeper’s Oak Table features clean lines in solid oak and comes adorned with the signature Indigo saw marks our customers know and love. Staunch and dependable, this piece brings the ambience of a rustic farmhouse to your dining area – and when teamed with leather dining chairs, it offers a truly inviting and refined dining space. Alternatively, this table – which breaks down for delivery - can be paired with complementing oak benches for relaxed family dining.

Meanwhile, The Miller’s Round Plank Table sports a refined leg supporting a round, planked top adorned with those saw marks. An inviting dining table in solid, slow-grown Quebec pine, this piece has been crafted using traditional techniques to bring a discerning ambience to your home.

The Miller’s Plank Table is well worth considering as well. Featuring broad planks of solid wood, this delightful table – just one favourite amongst our 4 seater tables collection - has been lovingly finished with beeswax to create a piece that will stand the test of time. Different sizes are of course available under Indigo’s own tailor-made service; do not hesitate to ask us should you have specific requirements and we’d be delighted to tell you more.

In fact, if you’re you’re interested in hearing a little more about any of the 4 seater tables we have available here on our site, please call our friendly team on 01629 581800 or pay a visit to one of our two showrooms to see our beautiful furniture collection for yourself. 

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