Bring character and design to your home with unique handcrafted wooden tables from Indigo. Hewn from solid timber using time honoured techniques. Choose from an extensive collection of solid wood dining, console and coffee tables including the reclaimed table range crafted from timbers from refurbishments of British iconic and historical buildings; built to the unique Indigo aesthetic. 

Designs include the Miller’s Table defined by rustic lines and the Beam Table; simple, clean lines are brought to life in solid plank timbers. Ensure calm and order in your living space with our collection of coffee tables including the innovative and unique Map Table – featuring two deep drawers accessible from both sides – a unique space saving coffee table.

Crafted with hand selected oak of European provenance, slow growing Quebec Yellow timber from the vast lands of Canada and exclusive reclaimed timber salvaged from iconic British buildings; Indigo tables are sealed with a renowned 15 year guarantee; testament to the staunch and steadfast Indigo build.

If you need any assistance with choosing your tables such as how many can be seated at a wooden dining table or making the most of your space please don’t hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable sales advisors on 01629 581800. If you’d like to see tables in one of our showrooms please do call ahead as we are unable to display the entire collection due to space restrictions.

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